Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty1 Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty 2 Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty 3 Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty 4

Dviu in stricture urethra

Dviu in stricture urethra 1 Dviu in stricture urethra 2 Dviu in stricture urethra 3

Ruptured BCF managed by saphenous vein interposition graft.

saphenous vein interposition 1 saphenous vein interposition 2 saphenous vein interposition 2

Lap left nephrectomy with radical cystoprostatectomy with ileal conduit.
Pre Operation

Lap left nephrectomy 1 Lap left nephrectomy 2 Lap left nephrectomy 3 Lap left nephrectomy 4

Post Operation

Post Operation 1 Post Operation 2

Penile Fracture

Penile Fracture 1 Penile Fracture 4

Rupture of both corporal cylinder with urethral transection


Urethroplasty with perineal urethrostomy for pain anterior urethral stricture


Left lap radical nephrectomy specimen

lap radical nephrectomy1 lap-radical-nephrectomy2 lap radical nephrectomy3 lap-radical-nephrectomy 4

PCNL with complete clearance... For multiple large stone


Simultaneous Lap pyelolithotomy with lap vesicolithotomy for large renal and bladder stone

simultaneous1 simultaneous2

Lap pyelolithotomy for large stone

Lap-pyelolithotomy1 Lap-pyelolithotomy2 Lap-pyelolithotomy3 Lap-pyelolithotomy4

PCNL with complete clearance... For multiple large stone


Lap Nephroureterectomy with en block removal of kidney with stone

block1 block2 block3

Right lap nephroureterectomy with stone in right ureter


Pcnl in Solitary functioning kidney with complete clearance

Lap-pyeloplasty1 Lap-pyeloplasty 2 Lap-pyeloplasty 3

Lap pyeloplasty in 6 yrs male child

pcnl1 pcnl2

Staged Pcnl in Solitary kidney with huge stone bulk.

Lap-Bilateral-orchiopexy-pre Lap-Bilateral-orchiopexy1 Lap-Bilateral-orchiopexy2

Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy and vesicolithotomy for large left lower ureteric and large vesical calculus.


Lap pyeloplasty in mal rotated left kidney.

lap-pyeloplasty1 lap-pyeloplasty2 lap-pyeloplasty3 lap-pyeloplasty4 lap-pyeloplasty5

Underwent partial nephrectomy

under under1 under2 under3 under4 under5

PCNL in horse shoe kidney with complete clearance

pcnl1 pcnl2 pcnl3 pcnl4

BMG Urethroplasty of 11cms pan anterior urethral stricture


Harvesting buccal graft


Left Laparoscopic nephrectomy of pyonephrotic kidney due to stone disease


Bladder Perforation Repair

pyne2 pyne3

Lap radical nephrectomy of about 9cms renal mass....

Lap-radical1 Lap-radical2 Lap-radical3 Lap-radical4 Lap-radical5 ab1 ab2 g5 g6 g7


Complicated Pcnl

large staghorn calculus

female stricture disease

female buccal graft urethroplasty female stricture disease female stricture disease female stricture disease female stricture disease