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The bladder, prostate, penis, kidneys, testicles, adrenal glands, and other important body parts are present in the Belly area. Like the heart and Brain, our Urological area also needs proper treatment.  Many people are stunned and shocked to find out that urology covers a large variety of conditions for each man and woman. In addition...
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The inability to maintain, or keep an erection during sexual activity is referred to as erectile dysfunction. There is nothing abnormal about having occasional erection problems. An ongoing issue with erectile dysfunction can, however, contribute to stress, lowered self-esteem, and relationship problems. An underlying health problem that makes it difficult to get or keep an...
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What is Peyronie’s disease? Peyronie’s disease is a non-cancerous condition characterized by fibrous scar tissue on the penis. This causes curved painful erections. Penises vary in shape and size, and having a curved erection doesn’t necessarily indicate health problems. Some men suffer from Peyronie’s disease and experience significant pain or bend.  A person with Peyronie’s...
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Chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) are infections of the urinary tract. During a chronic urinary tract infection (UTI), the infection does not respond to treatment or keeps recurring. An infection of the urinary system occurs when one of the kidneys, your bladder, the ureters, or the urethra becomes infected. Chronic Urinary Tract Infection can affect...
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Kidney Stone, Kidney Stone Types, Kidney Stone Causes, Kidney Stone Symptoms, Kidney Stone Treatment, Kidney Stone Diagnosis, Kidney Stone Jaipur A kidney stone is a hard deposit of minerals and salts that builds up inside the kidney. It is also called nephrolithiasis, renal calculus, or urolithiasis. There is no specific location of kidney stones in...
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