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What is Sexology? And Who is the Best Sexologist in Jaipur

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Best Sexologist Doctor in Jaipur Dr Sandeep Nunia Treatment

Who is a Sexologist?

A sexologist is a specialist in sexology(the study of human sexual life or relationships) and holds specific knowledge and skills in human sexuality, from normal sexual development to sexual orientation. They study sexual development, orientation, dysfunction, relationships and disorders concerning any of these aspects that may affect a person’s sex life. If you live in Jaipur or a nearby area, you can consult with Dr Sandeep Nunia, the best sexologist in Jaipur, Rajasthan! However, why he is the best? We’ll discuss it later.

Possible Prescribed Tests

A Physical Exam Checking For -

1. high blood pressure
2. vascular disease
3. a neurological disorder
4. a blood test to check for diabetes
5. thyroid disease
6. testosterone level
7. kidney and liver function
any other hormonal disorders.

 Your health care provider will also review the list of medications and substances you use (including illicit drugs and natural remedies) to track whether your sexual dysfunction is connected with them.

Diagnosis of a sexual problem

Sexual Problems are way too private to discuss with everybody. You need an expert to talk to in case of your sexual problems. There is certain information that is required by your sexologist to diagnose your sexual problem carefully, and you must provide completely true information to him without hiding anything.

1)The first important step in diagnosing a sexual problem is to tell carefully the problem, including
      a)review the medications and substances one use,
      b) try to determine whether difficulties are recent, long-standing, or have been a permanent fixture
2) Information about the relationship with your partner,
3) Past sexual history,
4) Any history of trauma,
5) Any other stresses or concerns that may be interfering with the ability to respond sexually.
6) To talk honestly and openly about your symptoms with your sexologist.
7) Test to identify any possible physical sources for sexual dysfunction, such as involuntary muscle spasms around the vagina or prolapse of organs into the vagina

While these topics may seem extraordinarily private, they must be covered to properly evaluate sexual dysfunction and help you have a more satisfying sex life.

What Causes Sexual Problems?

Sexual Problems can be caused due to multiple reasons. There may be physical and psychological causes to it. Certain medications may have hampered your sexual life. One should not predict the causes, but one should directly visit a sexologist in case of any sexual dysfunction. Following are some of the common reason for sexual dysfunction that may have caused a hindrance in your sexual life:

1)  Medications
2)  Alcoholism
3)  Depression
4)  Fatigue
5)  Hypoactive sexual disorder
6)  Recreational Drugs
7)  Relationship problems
8)  Other sexual dysfunction (fear of humiliation)
9)  Sexual aversion disorder
10)  Systemic illness
11)  Testosterone deficiency
12)  Stress
13)  Lack of time
14)  History of sexual abuse
15)  Hormonal problems such as Hyperthyroidism

Healthy Habits to be inculcated to prevent Sexual Problems

Some types of sexual problems cannot be prevented. However, you may be able to reduce your risk of certain types of dysfunction by working to prevent diseases that can lead to dysfunction. But if you are diagnosed with sexual dysfunction, you should not wait and immediately visit an expert sexologist who can help you cure it. Adopting certain healthy habits may reduce your risk of sexual dysfunction. Here are some of the healthy habits that one must inculcate in his daily life to prevent sexual dysfunction to an extent:

 – Stop smoking or don’t start
 – Get regular exercise, including aerobic exercise
 – Maintain a healthy weight
 – Eat a well-balanced diet
 – Limit alcohol intake to a maximum of two drinks per day
 – Don’t use illegal drugs
 – If you have chronic diseases, like heart disease or diabetes, take steps to control your condition and improve your overall health

These are just precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid Sexual problems. But if the problem continues, one must see an expert Sexologist. If you live in Jaipur, then the expert Sexologist is none other than Dr Sandeep Nunia, an expert sexologist and urologist providing his expert services in the field for many years.

Why Dr. Sandeep Nunia is the best sexologist in Jaipur?

A Doctor is known for the number of cured patients and expertise in his field. Dr Sandeep Nunia, the best sexologist in Jaipur, is prowess in sexology and is available to cure all the sexual problems in men and women. He is working in the field for many years and is a veteran in the field. Dr Nunia has the motto to provide revolutionary health care services in society and provide his share of services to the society. He is empathetic, and one can discuss all the sexual problems with him without any hesitation. Sexual Dysfunction and all such related problems have only one solution, Dr Nunia. Some of the preventive measures are enumerated above, and if the condition deteriorates further, don’t get late to visit the best sexologist in Jaipur, Dr Sandeep Nunia.

Qualities in Dr. Sandeep Nunia that makes him the best Sexologist.

1. Understands the importance of privacy

Dr Sandeep Nunia understands the importance of privacy while discussing your sexual problems and ensures that the information is kept completely confidential and you are comfortable discussing the problem.

2. Amicable nature

He has a nice and amicable personality with strong people skills so that both male and female can convey their problem without any hindrance. He has dealt with multiple clients and now deeply understands the importance of providing a safe environment where you can openly discuss your problems.

3. Prowess in his field

Dr Sandeep Nunia is an expert in the field of sexology, and he can offer solutions to all your sexual problems. He has treated various clients who have been cured now.

4. Therapies and medications

Sexual problems need proper guidance. It cannot be treated by only medicine. Dr Nunia ensures that proper therapy and informative sessions are given to solve your problem. He ensures that your sexual problems are solved under his expert guidance, and you won’t ever regret taking his treatment.

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