When should I consult a urologist?

When should I consult a urologist?

What does a Urologist do?

Urology is the study of the disease related to the urinary tract of both males and females. A urologist is the one who treats the disease associated with the urinary tract. A urologist is also specialised in treating a disease that affects the urinary system of a person. The urinary system includes the following- bladder, ureter, kidney, adrenal gland and urethra. A urologist also delivers surgeries to remove blockage or cancer in the urinary tract.

When to consult a urologist

 It might be a challenging step to decide whether to consult a urologist or not. The right appointment at the right time can save your entire life.

The following are the signs that may help you decide that it may be the time to consult a urologist.

Suffering from urinary tract infection

If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, it may be time to consult a urologist. Symptoms of urinary tract infection include a burning sensation when urinating, urine appearance cloudy, urine that appears bright pink or red and passing frequent urine etc. If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, then you might consult a urologist for treatment. A urologist will take a urine test and examine your bladder with cystoscopy to treat the disease.

Experiencing pelvic pain

If you are suffering from severe pain in the pelvic area, you should consult a urologist. Prostate inflammation, bladder cancer, prostate infection and kidney stone may cause pain in the pelvic area. Consult a urologist for the treatment. He will diagnose you and find the cause for pelvic pain.

Urinating more or leaking urine –

Overactive bladder causes urine incontinence that results in leakage of urine. Urologists will diagnose you and cure you of the problem of leaking urine. If you are urinating more or unwanted leaking urine, it might be time to consult the urologist for treatment.

Facing difficulty in urinating

Urinating is very important as it cleans our blood. No urinating can cause various other incurable diseases. If you are experiencing difficulty in urinating, then you must consult a urologist. The urologist will provide the medication and treatment to cure this problem.

Having Kidney stone

You may suffer from severe pain because of kidney stones. A kidney stone may lead to many other diseases. It’s better to consult a urologist if you have a kidney stone. Urologists can deliver the treatment and remove the kidney stone.

Pain during urination-

If you are suffering from pain while urinating, then it might be the right time to consult a urologist for the treatment. Many people ignore this problem at the first stage, but if you do not consult the urologist at the right time, the disease may become incurable.

Experiencing blood in urine-

Blood in the urine can be a severe issue as it may cause infection. If you are facing blood in urine, then you must consult the urologist for the proper treatment.  

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